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Superventas nº. 1
Invizimals Las Tribus Perdidas + Cámara
  • Incluye Invizimals: Las Tribus Perdidas + Cámara
Superventas nº. 2
Poker Mega Generator
  • Good way to kill time and can be very addicting
  • Great time killer
  • You can actually write a full song in the app
  • Very poor choices and too quick game play
  • The ' ocean waves ' sound nothing like ocean waves
  • Great detailed information on nearly every aspect of the game
  • Its retro style perfectly fits the retro music
  • Fun puzzles and plenty of them even with the free version
  • This app is easy to use and helps me plan my week
  • How about a remote control app for iPhone
Superventas nº. 3
Aurora Lucky Slots Game : Game Free Of Casino Vegas
  • Can not play the first game
  • Awesome daily deals and sweet products
  • Most addicting/fun/ entertaining game I have ever played
  • Great for those moments in dr waiting room
  • Great app for frequent travelers
  • Dino cap2 is the best shooting game I ever played
  • Wow amazing game
  • Love the gentle wake up
  • Love the voice acting hope more levels come soon
  • Great game to play just to past time
Superventas nº. 4
Goblin Slot Trivia World : Hot Casino Slots Games Free!
  • If you type illuminati in the flash light will turn on
  • Very helpful for Students
  • It's like a real life parkour running game orrery cool
  • I am learning piano and this has been a great help
  • Love the online play
  • Battery drainer & complete waste of time
  • I used to play Book of Mormon golf on my mission
  • Quick fun to interrupt a long intense day
  • Fun exciting game I LOVE It my whole family loves it too
  • SkyVu also has the best customer service at support
Superventas nº. 5
Jackpot Griffin Slots Vegas : Best Top Free Casino Games
  • Good training program
  • I love this amazing game I am a really popular person
  • Awesome game need capture the flag and vehicles
  • My favorite team sometimes disappear when I open the app
  • The game freezes up all the time with my 4S
  • Don't waste your time or money on this game
  • From the second I looked at the first game
  • It's a very addicting game with some strategy involved
  • The BEST Pac- Man game for iPod touch
  • The game is super addictive and an awesome time killer
Superventas nº. 6
Aurora Lucky Slots Game : FREE Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines Game
  • It a really good game to pass the time and have fun with its
  • This one is the best crime game out there
  • Hands down top 5 game on the market best bowling game available
  • This is a great way to kill it
  • The funtionality outmatches any other basic math app that I've seen
  • A very good mind game with neverending layouts =
  • This app is a great flash card app for young children
  • Daily updates and pic uploads are rad
  • Best time killer and addictive game ever
Superventas nº. 7
Jackpot Griffin Slots Vegas : Play Authentic Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines!
  • You can actually write a full song in the app
  • Thank for making such a awesome game
  • Without the frustration of the pain of the online web version
  • And it definitely needs push notifications or more obtrusive "alerts"
  • Completely awesome game they thought of almost everything
  • Super fun
  • So unless a kid stole a parent's credit card
  • And it says "remove ads to enable picture sharing "
  • LOL really funny app I use it in school when it's quit
  • Bug village rocks best glu simulation game

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